Flixoid Mod Apk Download V1.5 Free For Android [Movies App]

Flixoid Apk is a perfect platform reachable to download from right here. Putting in the application will permit Android customers to stream limitless leisure content material together with Movies, Series, and TV Shows. For free without paying any further payment. We already talked about in our prior opinions that many standard platforms are accessible online. Resembling Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Field, and many others. Though these offered platforms are standard and run easily online. However in relation to direct entry to those platforms. Then followers are requested to buy a premium license paying a certain quantity. The subscription

What is a Flixoid Mod Apk?

Flixoid is an open source application. One that lets you stream free movies, series, TV shows and other entertainment that is available on online streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Box and Amazon Prime etc. At no extra cost. For both android and iOS platforms. While applying the application to the android devices. You will be able to access a large library of free content from various video content providers. The application can play all content available on any video content provider for unlimited periods. How to Install Flixoid Apk On Your Android Phone/Tablet? All you have to do to install Flixoid Mod Apk on your Android device is follow the below steps: Download the Flixoid Apk from the following link here.

How to install a Flixoid Mod Apk?


There are several ways that are used to install Flixoid Apk on android smartphones and tablets. We have listed the various ways that we have heard about. So you can easily install the application on your android smartphone or tablet. Method 1: In this method, the user needs to own an Amazon application ID and Amazon Payments ID. Follow the steps given in the following Visit the above link to open the Amazon Android application. After clicking the purchase button. Then pay using the supplied payment method. After completing the payment process, you will receive a verification code. And follow the below steps. Download the payment confirmation file. Use the verification code to generate a Flixoid Mod Apk and set it as enabled application.

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Details of App

Name Flixoid
Version v1.5
Size 27.8 MB
Package Name com.getlink
Price Free
Required Android 5.0 and Plus

Features of Flixoid Mod Apk

Being a premium Android application, which is free of cost and legal. Features of this app include-

1. No Permissions required

2. Seamless Interface to enjoy the content.


3. Watch Videos or TV Shows from the same place and different devices.

4. Easily find your favorite movies, series, and TV shows.

5. Instantly download Flixoid Apk app free from Google Play Store This is the initial version of the app and we will be focusing on improving and updating the application. Keep looking for more updates of Flixoid mod apk. If you are also interested to download this application then simply follow the link given below and download Flixoid Mod Apk from Google Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appshout.

Advantages of using a Flixoid Mod Apk?

With the help of Flixoid Apk you will get to use an Android device as a remote device. Without additional cost on your pocket. This makes your device to be the ultimate remote access console. Advantages of using a Flixoid Mod Apk? Flixoid Apk is designed and developed as an ultimate remote access console. The app allows the users to access several apps and services, on the same device, at the same time. The users are not required to purchase any mobile device subscription. Flixoid Apk will be installed on your mobile device as a remote desktop. Besides the above, you can easily use your device as a media player, and you can record videos and pictures on your Android mobile device with the help of Flixoid.

Installation Issues and troubleshooting


Getting a perfect pop-up appears whenever you are trying to download from it. Also if there are files on the device which is not necessarily required. The most critical error message that is likely to be received is “App not available”. In such a situation then the system suggests downloading the Android device from Google Play Store. Verifying whether the installation is successful or not. Flixoid says “It is up to the user to decide what he wishes to download. The free version is limited to viewing only the Web pages, reading only the bookmarks of the default browser, and saving only the text bookmarks to the storage of the device”. It should be noted that Flixoid is just a streaming application. And needs a solid speed internet connection to run smoothly.


If you want to watch a movie on a mobile device or enjoy a TV show or series on demand, then Flixoid platform is one of the best options available online. Not just entertainment providers are accessible on this platform. But you also find movies and series from various movie stars. The management has been very supportive about receiving your feedback and therefore making their products better. Another good news is that the Premium subscription is only for a limited period. Subscription costs only $10 per month. Subscription has an expiry date, hence make sure to use them right before the expiration date. Once expired you will not be able to use this free platform anymore. Flixoid is a really good platform where users can view all kinds of movies online.

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