Intype APK Download For Android [Instagram Follower Analysis App]

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How  to Download and Install Intype APK

You can download the app from this article. At the end of this article is the download link of this application.
Click on the link at the end of the article and download the apk file and later install this apk on your mobile
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How to use this app is very easy.

If you want people to use this application, you will find the link at the end of the article. When you have this application installed on your mobile, you can easily use this application. You can use it. Just install it and then it is very easy to use
If you want to know all the information about this application, read this article till the end


Name Intype App
Version v3.0
Size 13M
git it on Playstore
Package Name Intype
Android Required 4.0+
Price 1.0.5

For downloading follow these steps:

  1. Find the direct download link provided End in this article
  2. Tap on it. This will redirect you to the download page
  3. Wait for a few seconds.
  4. Once the download is complete, find the downloaded file
  5. Install it for use.

You might face some difficulty in installing it as it is a third-party app. To install it in the right way read the guidelines carefully.


Intype APK Download

Download Intype to learn about:

  • Accounts who follow you secretly and like your posts most,
  • Your IG trackers
  • Accounts who unfollowed you
  • Your story reports
  • Accounts who blocked you
  • Details about a profile you follow

You can be an anonymous story tracker by using Intype

In order to be notified with our push notifications download Intype now!

Stalk an account

By using Ghosty Mode, view private instagram accounts without the need for sending them an friendship request.


Add your friends to profile tracker list. Keep informed with every moment.

By using Intype, you can see the following details of the profiles you do not follow:

* Profiles they follow, comment
* Which profiles comment on or like their posts most (push notifications)
* the last location they have posted a photo or a video

Increase/Decrease in the number of followers

Increase/Decrease in the number of unfollowers

Run your social media profile better by Intype weekly reports showing your current followers/unfollowers.

Analytics for your Instagram profile followers

Who blocked you? Who are your profile trackers? You can find answers of these questions just by downloading Intype.

See the profiles who has just closed their accounts.

Intype is an analyzer for Instagram. You can analyze a user whom you follow reciprocally.

Find accounts who do not follow by using easy and fast interface of Intype.

Analyze ghost profiles

Interaction reports

Compare likes and views of your posts and stories. View your Instagram profile insights.

View analyses on comments for each posts, number of likes and so on.


Keep informed instantly regarding your instagram profile notifications

Optimize your posts

By using analyses about your stories and posts you can have more interactions. Post the best possible photo/video/story at the best possible time. You will have more followers!

See your secret admirers!

Learn about profiles who follow you secretly

Analyze your secret admirers who views your stories but not your followers.

View users who are your unfollowers and visited your profile.

Easy and Fast Access

Login to Intype through Instagram or Facebook

Record and save images and videos posted on Instagram and share them on other social networks.

Search by username and display/download big profile picture

Discover profiles close to your location who are sharing photos/videos

View and download photos/videos you were tagged.

Share your favorite videos, stories and pictures with others.


You can analyze your account for free. If you wish you can be a premium member and enjoy all features of Intype.


Intype offers three types of membership: 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. At the end of each membership, renewal of the membership is being put into effect.

Intype offers several features. You can use the App even if you are not a premium member.

When the purchasing transaction is confirmed you’ll be able to view Intype Store on your account.

Your membership is renewed unless you do not cancel it 24 hours before the termination of the membership.

Legal Disclaimer

Please get permission from the owner of the videos and photos before sending them again,

Unauthorized use of any video or photo is not under the obligation and responsibility of SentiSmart Technologies LLC.

Last words

Hopefully, you have understood all the guiding information given in the article. This app is really helpful for people who want to create funny and engaging content. More if you ask about my opinion about Intype Apk. I highly recommend this app. Hope you like it too.